I am Eva Puigdollers Vivet, the designer who is behind Nou Moscada. I am passionate about fashion and, especially, everything that we have women whenever we choose a piece to dress. I decided that I wanted to be a designer to explain through the clothes we wear with simplicity and at the same time, reaffirm our personality. I believe in timeless fashion, a fashion adapted to the needs of real women, looking to be comfortable and pass through the clothes who are and what matters to them.

Trips, crafts and traditions of other countries and the commitment to an ethical fashion are a priority for me. In all my collections, there are references to the countries that I have visited and cultures I’ve known. Also to traditional techniques such as the block printing or completion of woven on looms. Nou Moscada is passion for fashion, love of different cultures and traditions and respect for women who are committed to a sustainable and made fashionable at home.

Aside from design :

Here you can see everything that I love and that, in one way or another, is also part of Nou Moscada.