Women are the protagonists of Nou Moscada. Also within the team. We are four women with a common goal: create sustainable and ethical fashion that you can feel 100%. Nou Moscada is our Project Professional, but also our passion and way of understanding and make fashion.

Eva Puigdollers, creator and designer of Nou Moscada.

It is the soul of the brand, responsible for all clothes sweat our essence. It is the energy and passion of the project.

Carla Basagaña, head of communication

It works closely with Eva, seals the balance needed for the project to continue to beat every day. She converts everything that we want to pass in graphic form.

Carla Vivet, community manager

It is the voice of Nou Moscada in social networks. She is in charge of the essence of the brand to reach more people.

Mercè Collell, patterns

The official dressmaker of Nou Moscada. Together with Eva, transforming designs into patterns and gives life to the different parts.