BIKUM jacket

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The Bikum jacket is a piece of recycled fibre spot. With a design of straight lines, it is an open jacket that highlights the bent neck which you can adapt the position due to the rigidity of the point. A jacket with a nice touch that you can easily combine with your looks. Dress it up with tops or shirts and even with some slimmer jersey. You can also wear it as a sweater and dress it with a wider jacket over it.

80% Wool 20% Polyamide

Size and color:
Available colors: knitted fabric with light grey tones.

If you have doubts about the size, take a look at our size guide or write to or to 602 211 667.

NOU MOSCADA is a small brand and this means that we cannot produce all the sizes we would like to. If your size does not appear in our guide, write to and we will get in touch.

Wash & care instructions: Wash with cold water and dry flat, thus ensuring that the knit is not deformed. The more we take care of the items, the longer they will last.


Production: This piece was made in a small knit workshop in the province of Barcelona (Igualada).