Ester of Mon Aroma I WOMEN WE LOVE

Ester, it is pure love, only in seeing can you visualise the peace and freshness of the products.

We met a few years ago in a market and since then we have been close .

Ester is the creator of Mon Aroma, natural cosmetics.

Mon Aroma was born in the garden of her parents’ house, when as a child she played with her friends and picked rose petals and leaves, and mixed them with water and mud to make all kinds of concoctions.

He enjoyed creating perfumes and magic potions to take care of his body.

Mon Aroma creates natural cosmetic products inspired by nature and real experiences.

Today we start the WOMENS WE LOVE. We spent a morning with women referring to us, women of interest, fighters, activists, feminine and purely attractive. There is no better person to start with our #WOMENWELOVE than with Esther.

So be sure that you will discover more about it.

We met on a Friday in Alpens, her town of residence, where the colors of autumn are with us. Esther showed us her day to day routine

“Caring for us while respecting the environment and the planet”.
Ester Armengol, Mon aroma

In what city / town do you live?
Alpens (Lluçanès)

Businesswoman ?? mmmm … sounds strong, but that’s how it is

Your favourite song:
Rome was not built in a day of Morcheeba

A smell:
that of lavender

A book:
Noa’s diary (I’m a romantic…)

A restaurant:
Calèndula in Regencós

A historical character:
Right now I do not have any favorite …

What was your last trip?
To Madrid for work

Your favorite color:

What is an ordinary day like in your life?
I get up at 6 o’clock and work on the computer (mails, posts, programming …) at 8 o’clock I pick up the girls, we have breakfast together before i take them to school. Then I go to the workshop until 4 pm and at 4:30 pm I pick up the girls from school, before I bathe and feed them . Before they fall asleep I always read them a book.  of course there are other days that are different, if I’m going to give a workshop or training …

What role do clothing play in your day to day life?
An important role, reflects how I am, how I feel, my essence.

What  does it mean to you to dress up?
Dressing up means taking my clothes off, showing me how I am, I will not wear clothes that do not represent me. I like to wear pieces that show how I am, my values. I have a bit of an obsession with the colour pink, but also black and gray. Why? These are the colors of Mon Aroma and how Mon Aroma is me …
Dressing is to undress me, to go a little deeper and get the essence that I embody. I try, whenever I can, to buy pieces from ethical brands, nearby (I think of Nou Moscada and Nobale) and of kilometer 0. Brands with awareness and that convey a philosophy of women that I adhere to.

What can not be missing in your closet?
Flower dresses

What piece of clothing gives you security?
A long, flowing dress

Your motto:
If you can dream it, you can do it


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